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Carlos Pascual

Carlos Pascual

Partner responsible for the Litigation and Insolvency area

Carlos Pascual

Carlos Pascual Vicens is the partner responsible for the Litigation and Insolvency area of ROMA BOHORQUES TAX & LEGAL. He has wide-ranging experience in advising companies on insolvency, civil and corporate matters and is a lawyer for leading financial institutions in Spain.

He currently serves as an insolvency practitioner having participated in many such proceedings. He has a broad legal instruction experience in civil, contractual, business and commercial law, as well as in partnership and corporate disputes.

His expertise also extends to Probate Law and corporate succession planning.

He pursued his professional career at PwC Tax & Legal Services and was a founding partner of Estudio Jurídico Carlos Pascual.

He holds a Bachelor's in Law from the University of Valencia, is a member of the European Financial Planning Association (EFPA), and has a Master's in Corporate Legal Consultancy (MAJE) from the Fundación de Estudios Bursátiles y Financieros (FEBF) and a Master's in Insolvency Law from the Instituto de Estudios de la Empresa (INEDE).

He is currently a Lecturer on the Master's course on Access to the Legal Profession and other postgraduate courses at the Universidad Europea.

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